Lost Prairie Boogie 2022 (Aug 6-14)

This will be the 55th annual Lost Prairie boogie and is scheduled for August 6-14, 2022. Thanks everyone for making the 54th annual 2021 boogie a great success.

The pre-registration will be open for this year on Jan 1st, 2022 as last years registration process worked very well thanks to everyone’s patience and understanding. Things are set up so you pay for registration upon completion of filling out the registration form and we also have it set up so early bird registration is rewarded.

The first 100 registrants will be charged $60, 101-200 registrants will be charged $70, with the remaining pre-registrants being charged $80. Pre-registration must be completed by June 30th, 2020. Pre-registration is now closed.

Continued registration will be available during the boogie starting August 6th for a cost of $100. Registration gets you a wrist band which allows you to jump, be eligible for raffle items, get a t-shirt, use the shower house facilities, stay on the DZ property after 8:00pm to enjoy the boogie festivities, and gets you in line for the Boogie BBQ on the last Saturday night. Everyone planning on taking part in any of the boogie festivities must register to receive a wrist band as there will be security personnel present asking non-registered people to leave after 8:00pm each day.

The staff is currently working on this years activities schedule and organizer personnel so if anyone has suggestions please let us know. We will be updating information as it becomes available.

All of our main electrical hookups are reserved but you are always welcome to use your generator as needed with surrounding campers in consideration.

Also, McGregor Lakes RV is a full hookup facility located 5 miles from the drop zone and at this time has slots available. Contact them by clicking on the Lodge at Mcgregor Lake link on our Accommodations page.