Lost Prairie 2022 Boogie Registration

    Registration for the 2022 Lost Prairie Boogie is now available. To facilitate getting you in the air as fast as possible this year, when you pre-register you must complete the skydiving waiver below and pay the boogie fee. That way the only thing you need to do when you get here is to sign the bottom of the waiver and have your gear checked. Registration is currently $70.

    Information in the box will be used for our mailing list: print exact format for delivery.

    In case of emergency the following information will be needed. Please leave documents such as insurance cards with a friend or keep them on your person where they can be found if necessary.

    I recognize that parachuting is a strenuous, athletic endeavor and that parachutists are subject to health risks not normally associated with other sports. I hereby certify that I do not suffer from physical or mental infirmities that could affect my ability to safely engage in parachuting and its related activities, and that I am not and have never been under treatment for the following conditions

    1. High or low blood pressure
    2. Fainting spells or convulsions
    3. Cardiac conditions/diseases
    4. Pulmonary conditions/diseases
    5. Nervous disorders
    6. Shortness of breath
    7. Kidney or related diseases
    8. Obesity

    Parachuting under the influence of drugs or alcohol is prohibited by Federal Aviation Regulations and Meadow Peak Skydiving rules.
    Meadow Peak Skydiving's staff are in no way qualified to offer opinions about medical conditions and how they could be affected by parachuting.


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